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Title: The Jesus Ring
Author: Daniel Harry
Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-64559-729-2
Pages: 312
Genre: Christian, Religious Science Fiction, Fantasy
Reviewed By: Susan Brown

Faith is trust, trust in a God that can’t be seen but, for those who believe, know exists. That type of faith brings understanding, in moments of need, God will be present. Faith, the guiding force in this novel, inspires the protagonists of this novel to answer and adhere to His higher calling because they believe in His presence in their lives.

This novel is a little bit action adventure, a little bit sci-fi thriller, a little bit apocalyptic allegory, but overall, it is predominately an interpretation of the biblical record chronicled in Revelations, the final book of the New Testament. Revelations prophecies the coming of the kingdom of God which is an end to present time and the beginning of a world made new through God’s intervention. It details the struggles between good and evil which become so egregious that God steps in, destroys the forces of evil and establishes a new order for believers. It also chronicles the Messiah’s return.

Against this biblical backdrop, author Daniel Harry weaves a tale which begins when the main character, Peter Christian, finds an ancient ring on a beach in Florida. He slips it on … and his whole world changes. He is transformed from a down-on-his-luck American veteran suffering from PTSD to one of God’s “Golden Wardens,” a true believer who is called to help save humankind from itself.

The ring, worn throughout the ages by many, including Jesus, not only changes Peter physically into a “golden giant,” it also allows him to communicate with God. With God’s guidance, Peter is given the knowledge to build advanced and innovative machinery — energy generators, food processors, medical scanners — that will reshape how humans function in a post-apocalyptic world. He is helped in his task by 11 other men, known as the “Golden Disciples.” The stakes are enormous — to save the world God has created for humans or to fall under the domination of Satan and his followers.

Peter gathers together his faithful deputies at a communal compound that allows them all to work independently on tasks entrusted to them. Each is chosen because they too have been called to participate in the epic fight to repel Satan’s forces. Peter must convince many. He says to the U.S. president: “Mr. President, I’m not asking permission. God has told us it’s a battle to the very end, and I intend to follow God’s instructions to the letter. This is no longer a democratic country. This is a stronghold for God’s favored, and we intend to spread it throughout the globe.” He, and his compatriots, must also fight Satan’s Harvesters, giant human-eating creatures that devour the unfaithful, as well as the army he sends to the conclusive Battle of Armageddon.

On the surface, this is a story about good and evil. But dive in and you’ll be swept away by the author’s commanding writing. Not only is the storyline gripping, the characters are well-developed and believable. The author’s writing is forceful, to the point, and consistent. He creates for the reader a warrior hero who taps into, not just his humanity, but that of others around him to do God’s work. He stays true and focused on the intrinsic message in Revelations. And what is that message? Does good win out over evil?

Have faith. This novel, imbued with the presence of God, has the answer to these questions and more.


When veteran Peter Christian finds a ring on the beach and slips it on his finger, he discovers it was previously worn by Jesus and that God has a new mission for him. The final battle with Satan is at hand, and Christian must lead the charge.

Veteran Peter Christian is suffering from PTSD. As he stands in the surf near his Florida home, he is wondering what to do with his life when he notices that washed up in the sand at his feet is a gold ring. He slips it on his finger and has an epiphany. He realizes that the ring was previously worn by Jesus Christ and that wearing it gives him the means to commune directly with God. And God has a mission for Christian. Satan is massing his minions to wage a final war on the human race, and if mankind is not prepared to stand and fight, then God will abandon the earth once and for all. Peter Christian is a warrior with faith on his side and is just the man to lead the battle against Satan’s apocalyptic hordes and unite his people as the dark shadow of the end-time encroaches. Within hours of wearing the ring, Christian’s entire mind and body are re-energized. He begins to physically change as the power of the ring overtakes him and prepares him for the tasks ahead. Soon Christian has begun to gather his followers, and God has spoken to him revealing the location of precious commodities to fund the holy war and plans for machines that will help humanity win.

Daniel Harry’s THE JESUS RING is a contemporary update of the biblical Book of Revelation which uses the tropes of sci-fi, doomsday thriller, and the horror novel to spin the story into an exciting, page-turner. In contrast to a lot of Christian fiction, Harry plays loose with what some might consider absolute biblical truth, and he is not afraid to deviate from traditional interpretations of scripture. Indeed, the suggested role that the Jesus ring played in the immaculate conception is particularly novel. Aside from the occasional philosophical musings between Christian and God in which moral certitude, faith, and obedience are unpicked, there is little in the way of evangelizing. There is an undercurrent of eco-consciousness whereby Christian and his followers use one of the machines God provides to feed the world with healthy food stripped of harmful chemicals and seek to reverse man’s exploitation of animals. In general though, Harry prefers to show and not tell. The rampaging imps and carnivorous “harvesters” sent by Satan are not metaphorical monsters. The world of THE JESUS RING is a literal one. Black and white. Good versus evil. But for all the horrors seen in the relentless battles that rage on earth for mankind’s soul, the book is a lot of fun. Readers able to put aside their skepticism in the logic of some of the more outlandish plot twists or the practicalities of some of God’s magical machines will enjoy the almost cartoonish action sequences that are reminiscent of the kind of battles seen in contemporary superhero films.

THE JESUS RING is a thoroughly entertaining novel that plays loose with the themes of the Book of Revelation to create a contemporary sci-fi horror thriller.

~Kent Lane for IndieReader


Kent Lane


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