This book is hilarious! I read it cover to cover in one sitting! I hope this author writes more "ramblings" as well as additional books.


Nathan Clark
Ramblings of an Old Poot

If we are blessed, we all have a grandfather or father who told crazy stories. If you did, you will enjoy this book. If you didn't, you need this book because you will enjoy it!
I set to read this one evening in bed. I caught myself laughing out loud! My husband asked, "what are you laughing at?"
I could not read it to him, because every time I started to read, I started laughing!

Ramblings of an Old Poot

When is Jesus coming back and what will happen? What is hell like and what does the Devil have in store for us? In this new take on these old questions, a veteran finds a ring, once belonging to Jesus, and life on earth is changed forever. His mission to lead people in the ultimate struggle against evil is a fun and thought-provoking read.

The Jesus Ring

"Ramblings of an Old Poot" I must say this is my kind of book. I have always enjoyed comedic human interest story writers such as Bombeck, Grizzard, Carlin and now Harry . . . BRAVO, I have lived your "We Get Wise with Age". Let's have a "Poot II" !!!

Kenneth Reese
Ramblings of an Old Poot

What a great book. I could not put it down. The picture he paints of the shepherds, Satan and his demons is excellent. Very vivid description and I feel like I’m watching a movie every night I read. Very entertaining and thought provoking. I want the movie!!!! Great work, Mr Harry. Well done, sir! Well done!

The Jesus Ring

Most fun I've had with an audiobook ever! I have over 120 titles in my library, and I'm gonna restart this one right now. How about a sequel, Dan?

Russ Magruder
The Jesus Ring

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