The Jesus Ring

The Jesus Ring: A riveting journey of a brave American veteran who takes possession of a ring that will allow him to grab one extraordinary chance to win the battle, prophesied over two thousand years ago, and save humankind. Peter Christian discovers the ring will change him physically and gives him the ability to communicate directly with God. God has given the humans this last chance to come back to Him, or He will wash His hands of the petri dish we call Earth and leave it to Satan and his swarm to devour and destroy. This time, the ring has chosen a warrior instead of a pacifist, as there are harsh times coming. Peter understands the horrific events predicted for the end-time, and he will be given the means to build fantastic devices to help save humankind, if the faithful win. Peter and his eleven disciples have been destined for this seemingly insurmountable task. This time God will take a bigger presence in the fight, but He won’t win the battle for the faithful, if there are not enough to make winning worthwhile. Satan’s harvesters, huge carnivores that can only prey on the unfaithful, are coming, and time is running short for the Golden Twelve to save as many as they can. The Jesus Ring – an exciting read filled with thrills, a gripping plot, and surprising twists that will bring the readers into an out-of-the-ordinary adventure of a man who was chosen by God to help save the world. The Jesus Ring…more of a horror than a Christian fiction.

Ramblings of an Old Poot

A collection of humorous short stories of how life makes you smarter, even if you’re not expecting it. Everyone needs a giggle occasionally, maybe these will help. This collection of humorous short stories are mostly true events during my life to date, some from my youth, some as a young adult, and some when part of my hair turned gray and the rest of it turned loose. They may not make you laugh so hard that tears run down your leg but I hope they do.

I have always enjoyed a good story and loved to listen to my parents and grandparents tell the tales from their youth. The stories were always voiced but not written and with age, the memories of the tales fade and become obscure.

Perhaps my children, grandchildren, and future generations will read these tales and smile. Perhaps others will read them and smile as well. Life is hard and, it seems, smiles are further apart. I pray these stories put a grin on your face.

Someone said, ‘Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.’ This should apply to us all.”

Shadows: The Myth Awakens

Shadows – The Myth Awakens, a mystery-horror-thriller, is a tale of a most unique creature like you’ve never imagined. Now we’re not safe anywhere!

A mythical monster of the southeastern US American Indian tribes has risen in our modern times. The creature is awakened by a rare meteorological event and has discovered an egress point from its earthly lair to its prey through one of the most common devices used by humans.

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