Coming Soon …Shadows is a unique, modern-day thriller in which the creature attacks its victims from the very place your mother told you to always park your car when you are out at night. Shadows is a story about a real American Indian mythological monster of the Southeastern tribes that has come back after mysteriously disappearing five years earlier. Atipa Tcoba is a huge carnivorous creature that preys on humans and animals alike. The creature is awakened by a rare form of lightning and has discovered an egress point from its earthly lair to its prey through one of the most common electrical devices used by humans. Bob Hardy is chosen to be the key figure in killing the beast by the Tribal Medicine Man of a little known American Indian tribe in the southeast Texas town of Livingston. Bob and his friend and Chief of Police, Archie Jenkins, have no idea the serial murderer is an ancient mythological monster till the Medicine Man, Two Dogs LeBeouf, confronts them about needing Bob’s help to destroy it.

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