The Jesus Ring

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Like many people of faith, Peter Christian is very familiar with the dire, horrific events predicted for the “End Times” in the Bible’s Book of Revelations. Peter himself is held in the grip of post-traumatic stress disorder by virtue of his own apocalyptic experiences as a soldier in Afghanistan. As he stands on the Florida beach near his home and watches the ocean, a gold ring washes up at his feet. He places it on his finger and it immediately sizes itself to fit. Peter knows the ring has chosen him for something . . . but for what exactly? The voice of God is about to tell him.


The Jesus Ring is a modern day take on the events foretold in Revelations but with many new twists such as God building his army through a warrior instead of a lover of peace. He knows that the time is past for humans and He is adamant about mankind coming back to Him or He will wash his hands of the Petri dish we call Earth and leave it to Satan and his harvesters. Other twists concern how the dinosaurs were placed on Earth, how Peter and the other eleven chosen warriors finance and attempt to distribute great devices God has given them for food, medical, power, and transportation, and the extreme resistance by Satan’s own to stop these new devices from being distributed to the faithful and the unfaithful alike. Finally building to the foretold battle of Armageddon. Satan’s harvesters are coming and time is running short for the Golden Twelve to save as many as they can.

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